So awesome! Reader responses.


It’s been such a whirlwind blast since Eighth Wonder: The Thomas Bethune Story launched! From magazine and newspaper interviews, to radio shows, to book signings.

The greatest feeling is the response from you all, the appreciation regarding the story, the effort I put into it, and LOVING Thomas, conflicted about The Colonel.

Thank you for sharing in his journey, laughing with Blind Tom, and shaking your fingers at him with me.

I’m so proud of my family and friends who’ve been supporting me.  I’m working on my dissertation now, writing two more novels: one is kid lit, the other historical fiction.  So, in between all of this, I’m binge watching House of Cards, MasterChef, Madame Secretary, Peaky Binders, Shark Tank, and Animal Kingdom because my friend Nicki Micheaux is Guest Starring on it as a recurring character!

If you have questions, comments, email! I’ll be checking in again soon!



A.M. CalMeandLLCoolJ






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