Book Clubs


thomasb2The READERS’ GUIDE questions are below. I will send you a PDF of them if you e-mail me.

I would be delighted to meet with your book group by phone or by Skype. If you are in Sherman Oaks or not too far away, I could perhaps visit your club or organization in person. Thank you for choosing Eighth Wonder: The Thomas Bethune Story for your book club!

Discussion Questions for Readers’ Groups

  1. What were your expectations/thoughts of the book before you sat down to read? Were you enthralled or did you feel trepidation because of the subject matter?
  2. Describe the main characters—personality traits, motivations, inner qualities. Why did the Colonel do what he did? Why did Thomas behave the way he did?
  3. Were the Colonel’s actions justified?
  4. Described the dynamic between the Colonel and Thomas? The dynamic between Thomas and the Bethune children.
  5. How does the culture shape the character’s lives?
  6. Do you admire any of the characters and if so why, if not, why?
  7. Do any of the characters change by the end of the book? If so, how, if no, explain?
  8. What main ideas, themes are explored?
  9. How is morality portrayed in the story, particularly in regards to the Colonel’s actions?
  10. Which passages touched you?
  11. Which moment moved you the most?
  12. How did this novel impact you, your world view, did you learn anything new, were you entertained?